Reflection Questions for Writer's Blogs

Reflection Questions for Writer’s Blog

Instructions: Every other week you are expected to post a reflection to your writer’s blog. The purpose of these weekly reflections are to get you in the habit of thinking critically about your writing process- what has been working, what hasn’t, any progress you have made toward achieving your writing goals, etc. See due dates on our homework calendar. You must post before the class period it is due!

Your writer’s blog entry should focus on one aspect of your writing. Choose one of the following issues or another topic related to these past two weeks:

  • Name one thing that worked really well for you this week. Why did it seem to work well? How will your writing influence what you work on next week?
  • Have you made any progress toward reaching one of your writing goals?
  • Identify a problem you have had in your writing this week and talk about what you will do next to try to solve it.
  • Write a sentence or two that summarizes a specific thing you did in your writing this week. Next, think about that specific thing- why did you choose that technique or process or idea? How did it work? What will you do next?
  • Explain one thing that you did this week that differed from your regular process. Talk about how it was different, why you tried it, and how well it worked for you.
  • Describe something that frustrated you this week. Why was it frustrating? What can you do to avoid the frustration in the future? 
  • Think about the language in your writing this week. What words and images were the most descriptive? How did they help you accomplish your writing goals? How might they influence your writing in the future? 
  • Discuss a revision process that you tried this week. What did you do? Why did you choose that process? How did it work? What did you learn about yourself as a writer? 
  • What is your plan of action for next week? What one thing will you focus on in your writing next week? Why have you chosen what you did? How does it relate to what you’ve done this week?

Length: approximately 250-300 words if typed; 1-2 minutes if it’s a video/podcast

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