Monday, October 7, 2013

Writer's Blogs Comments and Using Direct Evidence

Goals and agenda for today:

  • Discuss what makes an effective blog comment and then comment on one another's blogs with purpose
  • Use direct evidence from the text to support statements

1. Review blog commenting guidelines/checklist and look at sample comments

2. Create a google doc in your English folder to save comments- these will count toward your blog grade!

3. Read at least three other people's blogs and make comments that are similar to the ones we looked at as a class. Copy and paste these comments into the google doc you created (be sure to include a dates!). Then, respond to the comments that were left on your blog.

4. Reading Quiz

5. Partner discussion- using direct evidence to support opinions.

HW: Read to page 166 (chapter 211) and Writer's Craft 1st Draft due next class

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