Thursday, September 12, 2013

Commenting Guidelines and Video Book Talks

Goals for today:

  • Establish guidelines for commenting on each other's blogs
  • Complete video book talk and begin working on book jacket

1. What do you think are some guidelines the class should follow when commenting on people's blogs? If people are going to be reading your blog, what kind of feedback would you hope to receive and why?

We are going to discuss this as a class and then create a list of guidelines for comments, which will be posted on our class blog.

2. Commenting: you will visit the blogs of at least four other people in the room. Make a comment on their writing goals that provides useful feedback, poses a question, and follows the guidelines we discusses as a class.

3. View the comments others have made on your blog (you will need to approve these comments through email) and post a comment in response to something someone said.

4. Video Book Talk Part II

Assignment Description

  • Make sure your video has an opening slide with the correct information and a closing slide with a bibliographic citation. Go to to create your citation. 
  • Follow the instructions here to upload your video to YouTube and create a QR code
  • Begin working on the book jacket

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