Monday, September 16, 2013

Writer's Toolbox, Prepositional Phrases and Video Book Talk Part II

Goals and agenda for today:

  • Create a toolbox of characters and story lines that you can use in your writer's notebooks
    • Prompt: choose a character, setting, and conflict for your story. Then write for 10 minutes, using some of the nouns and verbs we have listed from our toolbox.
  • Practice identifying prepositional phrases by going to the  Practice Activity, and making a copy in your English Folder. We will do this together as a class.
  • Finish video book talks
    • Upload video to google docs if you don't already have a personal account on YouTube. 
    • Go here to generate a QR code
    • Take a photo of yourself with your book- email to Ms. Leavitt if you don't have a color printer
    • Complete Works Cited on the back of folder. Be sure to cite book, reviews, and any pictures you used in your video. 

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