Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Twitter Bios and Reading Group Planning

1. View The New York Times article "Twitter Bios and What they Really Say". Review the characteristics of a good twitter bio.

2. Write your own 160 character bio, paying special attention to word choice. Keep in mind that making strong word choices is often better than just using the fewest number of words, so choose carefully. Post to your blog when finished!

3. Reading Groups Announced! Planning Time

The Book Thief: Brittney, Colleen, Zach, Cooper

Thirteen Reasons Why: Austin, Eli, Jeremiah, Sam J, John

The Night the Bear Ate Goombaw: Jeffrey, Jake, Nate, Miranda

Peak: Kaleb, Reo, Liam, Brayden

In the Time of the Butterflies: Juliette, Sam S, Juliann, Melissa

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