Tuesday, March 4, 2014

LIt Circle Meeting #3

1. More practice with run-on sentences!

2. Lit Circle Meetings in groups:
Reading Response Protocol #3

1. Each group member shares what they posted to the blog this week.

2. After each person shares, each group member should:
  • Ask ONE question about that person’s posting
  • or make ONE comments about their posting

3. Move on to the next person, repeating steps #1 and #2

4. Each group member now needs to post a follow-up posting to their original posting on the blog. Discuss how the group responded to your posting, citing at least one other voice from the group. Do this as a comment to your original posting

5. Once everyone has shared and posted a follow-up, do the following as a group and post to your blog.

Ernest Hemingway (of The Old Man and the Sea fame) once wrote a six word memoir of his life:
For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

If your author were to write a six-word-summary of their book so far, what would it be? Avoid “filler” words like “and” and “the.” Create one for your group and post to your group’s blog.

HW: This I Believe final drafts and podcasts due Thursday

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