Monday, March 10, 2014

This I Believe Listening and Lit Circle #4

1. This I Believe Listening
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2. Lit Circle Meeting #4

1. Each group member shares what they posted to the blog this week.

2. After each person shares, each group member should:
  • Ask ONE question about that person’s posting
  • or make ONE comments about their posting

3. Move on to the next person, repeating steps #1 and #2

4. Each group member now needs to post a follow-up posting to their original posting on the blog. Discuss how the group responded to your posting, citing at least one other voice from the group. Do this as a comment to your original posting

5. Once everyone has shared and posted a follow-up, do the following as a group and post to your blog.

English 10 teachers are making plans for which books to teach next year. Would you suggest keeping this book as an option for literature circles? Why or why not?

6. Your group will be presenting blog pages next class. Please make sure all pages are updated and ready to go!

Homework: Draft Letter for "This I Believe Essay"
Draft Letter Rubric
This I Believe Rubric

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