Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sub Day: Macbeth Viewing

Unfortunately, I will be out today- I know you are all super bummed! I have decided to have you view the film Macbeth in my absence in preparation for the acting that we will be doing next week. I have given the sub a character tracking guide to help you keep track of your character. The purpose of this is to give you ideas for how to play your part next week. See the parts below if you're not sure who you will be playing. Enjoy the film, and I will see you next week!

Eli: Macbeth
Sam S: Lady Macbeth
Brittney: Witch 1
Sam J: Witch 2
Juliette: Witch 3
Liam: Banquo
John: King Duncan
Zack: Macduff
Jake: Malcom
Nate: Hecate
Jeramiah: Fleance
Kaleb: Lennox
Reo: Ross
Colleen: Murderer 1
Juliann: Murderer 2
Austin: Porter
Miranda: Lady Macduff
Jeffrey: Donalbain

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