Friday, May 2, 2014

The Language of Shakespeare

1. Blog Posting: Choose one of the following themes from Macbeth: The Supernatural, Success, Ambition, or Power. Consider the questions on the Anticipation Guide for your theme and answer in a well developed paragraph on your blog.

Anticipation Guide

2. Literary Devices Activity

Foreshadowing: Brayden, Kaleb
Simile: Austin and Miranda
Metaphor: Liam and Sam J
Personification: Jeffrey and Juliann
Symbol:Melissa and Colleen
Aside: Reo and Nate
Image: Juliette and Sam S
Soliloquy: Jake and John
Paradox: Brittney and Jeremiah
Equivocation: Zach and Eli

View Study Guide Here- Know main characters and literary terms for the Act 1 Quiz

3. Pre-Detecting Key Lines

4. Pick parts, begin Reading!

Link to Macbeth Text

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